Varsity Coaching Pilot 2017-2018

7-31-17:  In a one-year trial in regular-season tournaments only, coaching will be permitted between points at the varsity level.  This should model the coaching rule already in place for JV and freshman level tennis.  The flow of the match should not be interrupted, and the current limit of 20 seconds between points must be adhered to.  Instruction should not be so frequent that the players are being micromanaged (i.e., a comment after nearly every point).  The intent is not for the player and coach to meet at the fence for a discussion between points but instead for a coach to be able to pass along a quick word of advice. Coaching is limited to the head coach and one designated assistant coach.  Coaches should deliver their brief instruction from near the player’s court so as not to disrupt other nearby matches. This rule applies to invitationals, conference tournaments, and round-robin tournaments but WILL NOT apply to the IHSAA postseason tournaments.